When Stephen Curry met Suga from BTS in Japan: An Epic Mashup Moment to Remember!

Surprisingly, it has been revealed that Suga from BTS is making a visit to Japan and accompanying the Golden State Warriors on their current tour. The excitement of meeting the K-Pop sensation, a member of the biggest boyband worldwide, was visible on the faces of both Stephen Curry and BTS fans. Curry even responded to a tweet about their forthcoming encounter, indicating that the anticipation for their meeting was high.


In this photo, Suga is sporting a jersey that looks like it belongs to the Golden State Warriors, complete with his name and the number three. During his visit to Japan on Thursday, Suga even got the chance to meet Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and other basketball players, and took some photos with them. Fans were particularly excited about his encounter with Curry.


Suga’s commitment to Warriors practice kept him around.


Suga was able to take some snaps and say hello to the players before being allowed to check out the entire Golden State Warriors practice. The fans were delighted by the unlikely encounter, but they couldn’t be happier about it. This meeting brought together an all-time great basketball player and one of BTS’s most well-known musicians.

SUGA and Steph

Going on a trip to Japan alongside the Warriors squad was a smart decision made by Stephen Curry. Though he did not succeed in attempting to remove Hakuho Sho, a professional sumo wrestler, on the same day. It’s pretty apparent that Curry has been enjoying his time in Japan as a Warriors superstar.

Klay and suga

Suga is a popular member of the highly successful boyband, BTS, who have amassed a significant following in Japan and around the world. K-Pop has been dominating the music scene since Psy’s heyday and BTS is a major player in this global phenomenon.

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