Unveiling the Beauty and Botanical Importance of 14 Captivating Flowers and Foliage Plants in Peach Hues

In fact, the release of Pantone’s Color of the Year generates excitement among interior design connoisseurs, hinting at upcoming trends in decorative motifs. This year, the chosen hue known as “Peach Fuzz” captures the attention of botanists and landscape architects. Given this moniker by Pantone, this shade represents a flourishing trend in horticultural selection – a soft, pastel combination of pink and orange that embodies romance, novelty, and adaptability. Presented here are a few selections from our BHG Test Garden, featuring a curated collection of peach-colored flowers and foliage to enhance your gardens throughout the seasons. Enjoy the beauty of ‘Alabama Slammer’ Asters and more.

Introducing the delightful ‘Peach Julep’ Coleus!

Tiny Little Peach Garden

“Fresh Apricot” Sunflower

Introducing the fabulous ‘Apricot Sparkles’ Daylily

“Amber Delight” Coral Bells: A Fascinating Exposure Encounter

‘QIS Apricot’ Limonium is a delightful variety of the Limonium plant.

“Zesty Citrus Delight” Zinnia

‘Indigo Pearl’ New Zealand Flax

“Creamsicle” Red Hot Poker

“Golden Hour” Coreopsis

“Rainbow Marcella” Sunflower

Finally, the long-awaited ‘At Last’ arose.

The ‘Terracotta Star’ Amaryllis

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