“The Unbreakable Legacy: 5 Unmatched Records Set by Stephen Curry”


When Stephen Curry stepped into the NBA scene in 2009, nobody could have predicted the impact he would have beyond the basketball court. Over the span of 14 years with the Golden State Warriors, he has not only achieved four championship victories, but has also revolutionized the way the game is played. Undoubtedly, Curry has solidified his position as the greatest shooter in the history of the sport. His influence is evident in the shift towards long-range shooting, replacing the traditional back-to-the-basket offenses. Without his presence, it’s difficult to envision the NBA evolving into its current form. In addition to his significant contributions to the game, Curry has also established numerous records throughout his NBA career. These records appear to be insurmountable for any future player. Let’s delve into five of these extraordinary records that the talented All-Star guard possesses.

Top NBA Record for Most Three-Pointers With the evolution of basketball in the NBA, the importance of three-pointers in determining the outcome of a game has grown immensely. This shift in strategy has been exemplified by the Golden State Warriors, specifically with the presence of the talented shooters Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, commonly known as the “splash brothers.” Given Curry’s remarkable skills, it is only fitting that he currently holds the esteemed title of the player with the most three-pointers made in NBA history. As the driving force behind Golden State’s offense, this All-Star guard has surpassed the impressive record set by Ray Allen, who made a total of 2,973 three-pointers over his legendary career. Creating a historical moment on 14th December 2021, Curry shattered Allen’s record during a game against the New York Knicks. The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden was electric as Curry achieved this monumental feat, solidifying his place in basketball history.

At present, it would require a talented and youthful basketball player to begin attempting three-point shots early in their career and possess the same level of skill, consistency, and longevity as Curry in order to come close to surpassing the incredible record he will leave behind upon retirement. It is important to note that Curry’s professional journey is far from over, leaving room for him to possibly surpass the remarkable 4,000-point milestone, thereby making the record even more challenging to exceed in the future.

Scoring a three-pointer in the NBA is no walk in the park. With the challenging distance from the arc to the rim and the formidable defenders on the court, shooters face a tough battle throughout a full 48-minute game. However, Stephen Curry has managed to overcome these obstacles throughout his career and now holds the impressive record for the most games with nine or more three-pointers made in a single game. Currently, the Golden State Warriors’ standout has achieved this feat an incredible 39 times. In comparison, Damian Lillard has accomplished this feat 13 times, while Klay Thompson has done so 12 times. The gap between these two stars and Curry is quite significant, making it unlikely for anyone in the NBA to break this record in the near future. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: any player who hopes to even come close to Curry’s remarkable achievement must possess exceptional shooting skills and garner ample playing time on an NBA court.

Curry not only holds the record for the most three-pointers made in NBA history, but he also has the distinction of sinking the most long-range shots in a single regular season. This impressive feat occurred during the 2015-16 season, the same year the Golden State Warriors achieved a historic 73-9 record. Curry amazed everyone by making an astounding 402 triples during that time. To put it into perspective, those 402 shots accounted for 1,206 points of curry’s total points that season. In comparison, James Harden came in second with 378 three-pointers made during the 2018-19 season. This accomplishment helps to explain the Warriors’ incredible win-loss record during that period, surpassing the previous record held by the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls. Given the significant contribution Curry’s three-pointers made to the team’s offense, it’s no wonder that the Warriors set the NBA record for most wins in a single regular season. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will come close to replicating that number of long-range shots in such a short span of time. Curry’s talent truly stands out in the realm of three-point shooting.

Consecutive games with at least one successful three-pointer in the regular season While being a scoring machine may attract attention to a player, the level of difficulty in consistently achieving this feat at an elite level never diminishes. This is why Stephen Curry’s remarkable record of hitting at least one shot from beyond the arc in 157 consecutive games is truly awe-inspiring. Curry embarked on this record-setting journey back in November 2014 and managed to make a three-point shot in every single game for an impressive two-year stretch. However, his streak came to an end in November 2016 when he failed to make a single three-pointer in a game against the L.A. Lakers, concluding his incredible run at 157 games. The closest anyone has come to breaking this record was Kyle Korver, one of the NBA’s most exceptional shooters, who had a streak of 127 games. If even Korver couldn’t match Curry’s record, it begs the question of whether anyone will ever be able to threaten Curry’s historic streak.

Unparalleled Accuracy in Free-Throws Although Curry is widely recognized for his exceptional three-point shooting, his reliability in sinking free throws is even more impressive. In fact, the Golden State Warriors’ superstar holds the all-time NBA record for the highest free-throw efficiency rating at an astounding 90.87%. The closest contender to this remarkable feat is none other than Hall of Fame guard Steve Nash, who boasted a 90.43% success rate from the charity stripe throughout his career. This astonishing record indicates that when Curry steps up to the free throw line, his chances of scoring are nearly guaranteed. Even players of LeBron James’ caliber and rising superstars like Luka Doncic cannot match his efficiency in free throws. Consequently, it seems highly unlikely that any player will surpass Curry’s record in the foreseeable future. As the new NBA season approaches, the current generation of basketball stars will have opportunities to challenge or surpass Curry’s records. However, one can be certain that the greatest shooter in the history of the game will be equally motivated to defend his titles and aim for even greater accomplishments.

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