JLo’s McDonald’s Date with Ben Affleck Followed by a Sultry Display of Toned Abs in Lacy Lingerie

Jennifer Lopez has been showing off her well-toned physique in various outfits for the past few days. She is endorsing an Italian lingerie brand called Intimissimi and has worn a beige lingerie set, emerald green attire, and black lace underwear on different occasions. The 54-year-old actress, who is famous for her role in Maid in Manhattan, is promoting the lingerie brand in conjunction with the launch of her latest album called This Is Me… Now. Recently, Jennifer was seen with Ben Affleck at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, a day before the launch of her lingerie campaign. Furthermore, the couple also worked together on a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts earlier this year.

Body by JLO: Jennifer Lopez has been flashing her incredibly toned figure all week - first in beige lingerie then in an emerald green set. And on Friday the 54-year-old Maid In Manhattan actress put her killer curves on display again, this time in black lacy underthings

Jennifer Lopez has been flaunting her impeccably sculpted body over the past few days. She kicked off her show with a photo shoot in beige lingerie, and then unveiled a stunning emerald green set. Last Friday, the 54-year-old Maid In Manhattan star once again revealed her alluring curves, but this time in a gorgeous black lace undergarment.

Oh mama: The Mother actress was promoting her collaboration with the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi that ties in with her new album This Is Me... Now

Despite occasionally indulging in junk food, the 54-year-old actress is in her best shape yet. With her upcoming album, This Is Me… Now, Lopez has collaborated with Intimissimi, an Italian lingerie brand, to create a collection that reflects her journey of personal development. The collection was proudly showcased on Lopez’s Instagram and was made with love in Hollywood by Norman Jean Roy. The couple celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary after rekindling their romance in 2021, and Affleck is reportedly content being married to the sexy Marry Me star.

Aging backwards: She appears to be in the best shape of her life after turning 54, even if she does down junk food once in a while

Despite indulging in unhealthy snacks, she’s never looked better at the age of 54 – it’s like she’s turned back time!

You glow girl: Lopez proudly plugged the lingerie brand on Instagram: 'Introducing my @IntimissimiOfficial THIS IS ME¿NOW collection ¿ From Verona to Hollywood and made with love @NormanJeanRoy,' wrote the sire in her Instagram caption

Lopez took to social media to flaunt her latest lingerie line under the Intimissimi brand. She posted a picture of herself modeling the collection and gushed about it in her caption. “Guys, you have to see my newest collection from @IntimissimiOfficial – THIS IS ME…NOW! @NormanJeanRoy’s love for fashion transcends continents from Verona to Hollywood.”

Made up: Rocking her signature smoky eyeshadow for the photoshoot, the Bronx-born beauty added the hashtag #thisismenow

As the photoshoot commenced, the beautiful woman from the Bronx flaunted her trademark smudged eyeshadow and utilized the hashtag #thisismenow to convey her genuine self.

Now in black and white: 'The collection marks an important second chapter in the creative partnership of the Italian brand and the American icon, who joined forces to blend Intimissimi's dedication to exceptional quality with Jennifer Lopez's distinctive style,' the brand's press release said on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Intimissimi announced a new creative partnership with Jennifer Lopez that has resulted in an exciting second chapter for the brand. The collaboration showcases the Italian brand’s commitment to quality and Jennifer Lopez’s unique style, resulting in a collection that is both stylish and high-quality. Jennifer is no stranger to flaunting her impressive physique on social media, even in spontaneous snapshots that are not part of any fashion campaign. Recently, she posted a makeup-free selfie wearing a green negligee with the hashtag #motivationmonday, which caused quite a stir. She also delighted fans with exclusive photos from her wedding to Ben on their first anniversary, proving that she never fails to provide premium content to her followers.

The famous Hollywood star, who starred in the movie Hustlers, almost showed more skin than intended during her seductive lingerie photo session.

Drawn that way: 'The collection draws direct inspiration from Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album, This is me...Now which delves into her deeply transformative journey of personal development. 'The name of the collection and product assortment encapsulates the essence of her evolution, self- reflection, and embracing her true self'

The newest collection draws influence from Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming musical release, titled This is me…Now. The album delves into her individual development and metamorphosis, and the collection’s name and items embody her expedition towards self-awareness, introspection, and welcoming of her authentic identity.

On the edge: She sat on the edge of a caramel beige velvet sofa; notice the old school phone on the left

Sitting on the edge: Sitting on a luxurious velvet couch in a warm caramel hue, one cannot help but notice the vintage telephone placed on the left.

Sketchy look: The lingerie set was sketched as well with JLo having bling on her wrist

In a sketch, the lingerie set was depicted in an artistic manner, with JLo wearing it along with a gorgeous bracelet on her wrist. During a recent photo session, Jennifer gave her followers a glimpse of the lyrics from her upcoming track called Dear Ben Pt. II. The song is inspired by her love for her husband whom she has been married to for a year. The lyrics reveal her emotions and go like this – ‘Dear Ben / Sitting here alone / Looking at my ring ring / Feeling overwhelmed / It makes me wanna sing sing / How did we end up here / Without a rewind / Oh my / This is my life.’ Her fans can look forward to listening to the song in her ninth studio album called This Is Me…Now, which is slated to come out later this year. With a total of thirteen tracks on the album, Jennifer keeps proving her versatility and multi-talented persona.

Going green: The day before she pushed out her hips as she flashed her very toned tummy in one eye-popping shot


Adopting eco-friendliness: Recently, she flaunted her toned body in a gorgeous photo where she accentuated her hips and flaunted her chiseled abs.

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