Jennifer Lopez Takes the Plunge in a Sexy Striped Cut-Out Gown, Stunning After Wowing in See-Through Black Lace for American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is never afraid to flaunt her many talents, and that includes showing off her incredible physique. The multi-talented star, who also serves as a judge on American Idol, turned heads on the show’s Los Angeles set with not one, but two revealing ensembles. The 45-year-old beauty stunned in a flowing gown that showcased her ample cleavage with a strategically placed cut-out, while accentuating her slender waist with stylish daonal slashes.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Dazzling and alluring: Jennifer Lopez exuded an irresistible charm as she flaunted not one, but two stunning and seductive outfits on the set of American Idol in Los Angeles. The black fabric of her ensemble was adorned with white vertical stripes, adding a touch of excitement to her already daring look. The skirt floated elegantly, cascading around her heels with an enchanting grace. To complete her Bohemian-inspired ensemble, she effortlessly sported a wide-brimmed black hat, which she seemed to adore, evident by the infectious smile on her face. However, Jennifer didn’t cease to mesmerize when she arrived at the American Idol studio wearing a sheer black embroidered dress that caused a whole new surge of heatwaves.

Stealing the spotlight again: The 45-year-old star was seen walking around the studio in a flowing zebra-striped number that featured skin-baring cut-outs in front and along the slender waistline

Once again grabbing everyone’s attention, the 45-year-old celebrity was spotted strolling through the studio donning a mesmerizing zebra-patterned outfit. This eye-catching ensemble boasted stylish cut-outs in the front andaong the trim waistline, revealing a hint of skin.

Ready for her close-up: Gaping cleavage aside, Jennifer's face was heavily made up with smoky eye shadow along with neutral lip gloss

All set for her moment in the spotlight: Apart from her revealing outfit, Jennifer’s face was adorned with a generous application of sultry smoky eye shadow, accompanied by a touch of neutral lip gloss.

She really loves her job: Jennifer wore a big smile to match her sexy ensemble

Jennifer’s passion for her job is evident as she exudes a radiant smile, perfectly complementing her alluring outfit. The mesmerizing black lace garment embraces her from chin to shin, elegantly draping over her arms and revealing a glimpse of her stylish black undergarments. Despite the daring nature of her attire, Jennifer confidently displays her renowned derrière, showcased in her iconic Booty music video. Every step she takes in her carefully chosen ensemble is adorned with grace, as she balances herself in her seductive black booties, adorned with four-inch heels.

Beautifully Bohemian: The A.K.A. hitmaker added a floppy black hat that gave her a saucy Bohemian air

Exuding Bohemian charm, the A.K.A. hitmaker enhanced her look with a stylish floppy black hat, injecting a touch of allure and free-spiritedness.

Splendour in lace: Jennifer was earlier seen wearing a very different but equally riveting black lace number

The enchantment of lace: Previously, Jennifer was spotted donning a distinctive yet captivating black lace outfit.

Assistance required: The  singer got a helpful lift while stepping onto the curb in high-heeled booties

Help needed: The vocalist received a kind boost as she gracefully made her way onto the sidewalk wearing fashionable high-heeled ankle boots.

Luxurious locks: Jennifer's long golden-steaked hair was styled straight with curled ends

Jennifer’s beautiful tresses cascaded down her back, showcasing the perfect blend of golden tones. Her hair was expertly straightened, with a touch of elegance added through delicate curls at the ends.

Loves her leather too: Jennifer changed into her THIRD outfit of the day during a photo session with the guys

Being a fan of leather clothing, Jennifer couldn’t resist changing into her third ensemble of the day during a fun-filled photo session with the guys.

They all look pretty cool: Ryan, Harry and Keith looked their casual best while Jennifer showed her style in a silvery top and baggy black leather trousers

Ryan, Harry, and Keith all appeared effortlessly stylish, exuding confidence in their laid-back ensembles. Meanwhile, Jennifer effortlessly showcased her own unique fashion sense, donning a shimmery top paired with loose-fitting, edgy black leather trousers.

Peek-a-boo: Jennifer's third ensemble featured a top showing plenty of side skin action

Peek-a-boo: Jennifer’s third outfit flaunted a trendy top, exposing a generous amount of skin on the sides.

'I'm with the boys': Jennifer showed off one of her glamorous expressions in this selfie taken during the American Idol photo shoot

“I’m hanging out with the guys!” Jennifer effortlessly flaunted her glamorous side in this fabulous selfie snapped during the photo shoot for American Idol.

Jennifer looked stunning with her flawless camera-ready look. Her eyes were adorned with a beautiful blend of earthy browns and beiges, perfectly complemented by a subtle lip gloss. Her long hair was styled in a sleek straight manner, with gentle curls at the ends.

Right by her side were her fellow judges, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., along with the charismatic host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest. Keith opted for a laid-back yet stylish outfit, starting off with a printed white T-shirt and black jeans. After exchanging greetings with a member of the production crew, he later switched into a more casual yet chic ensemble, donning black jeans, a blue shirt, and a fashionable black denim jacket.

Urban cool: Keith Urban arrived to the American Idol studio on Thursday in black jeans and a spirited T-shirt

Looking effortlessly stylish, Keith Urban made his way to the American Idol studio on a delightful Thursday morning, donning a pair of sleek black jeans and a vibrant T-shirt that perfectly captured his lively spirit.

So nice to see you: The husband of Nicole Kidman was warmly greeted by a production crew member

What a pleasure it was to encounter you: A crew member extended a warm welcome to Nicole Kidman’s spouse.

Keith Urban

Harry Connick Jr.

Looking dashing in different hues of blue, Keith Urban opted for a trendy ensemble comprising of faded black jeans, a stylish blue shirt, and topped it off with a dark denim jacket. Meanwhile, Harry Connick Jr. elevated the blue theme by choosing a more formal attire that exuded sophistication.

Sheepish grin: The bluesy-jazz singer showed one of his trademark grins as he walked around the set

With a sheepish grin plastered on his face, the talented bluesy-jazz singer strolled casually around the set. Harry Connick Jr. looked effortlessly cool in his ensemble of black trousers, a black dress shirt, and a cobalt-blue jacket with sleek black trim. Standing next to him, Seacrest outshone the other guys with his impeccable fashion sense, sporting a sharp dark suit, crisp white dress shirt, and a perfectly matched tie. In the meantime, Jennifer had busied herself earlier in the week by making appearances on various entertainment shows like Access Hollywood to promote the ever-popular American Idol.

Doesn't he look dapper: Ryan Seacrest out-dressed the guys in a dark suit, white shirt and tie

Ryan Seacrest was impeccably dressed in a stylish dark suit, white shirt, and tie, clearly outshining the other men present. During her sit-down video chat with Shaun Robinson, things took an interesting turn when the correspondent played a clip of Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, discussing her impressive behind. Jennifer couldn’t help but smile when Diddy compared her posterior to a true masterpiece. Despite their relationship ending 15 years ago, Jennifer admitted she still holds affection for Diddy, affectionately referring to him as ‘Puf’. She expressed gratitude towards Diddy for the guidance and knowledge he imparted to her during her early career days. Jennifer conveyed her appreciation for his ongoing support, mutual respect, admiration, and love that still exists between them after all these years.

Gotta go: As the host of American Idol, Ryan had some prep work to do ahead of the taping

Time to hustle: With his role as the charismatic host of American Idol, Ryan needed to dive into some necessary preparations before the recording began.

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