J-Lo’s Birthday Bash Surprise: Jennifer Lopez Stuns as She Strips Down to a Lacy Bra in Front of A-Rod’s Ex-Wife!

During Ella Rodriguez’s twelfth birthday party in Miami, Jennifer Lopez was put in an awkward position when she had to strip down to her nude lacy bra in front of Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis. The engaged couple, along with Cynthia, managed to pull off the party while adhering to strict social distancing policies. Cynthia, who was married to Alex from 2002 to 2008, tried to look away as Jennifer undressed due to the heat, while she remained in her plaid shirt.

That's so J-LOW! Jennifer awkwardly stripped down to her nude lacy bra in front of Alex Rodriguez's ex wife at his daughter's 12th birthday bash in Miami on Tuesday

How very J-LO of her! Jennifer had a bit of an awkward moment when she decided to take off her clothes down to a nude lacy bra in front of Alex Rodriguez’s ex-wife during his daughter’s 12th birthday party in Miami on Tuesday.

Stripping off: Jennifer Lopez appeared to be struggling in the Miami heat on Tuesday, as she took off her top

Jennifer Lopez was spotted struggling with the scorching Miami heat on Tuesday, prompting her to remove her top. She paired the revealing outfit with a pair of white shorts, after discarding her cropped sweatshirt and Alexander McQueen kicks. The singer tied up her curly hair on top of her head in a neat bun. Joining her at the event were Ella’s sister Natasha Rodriguez and J-Lo’s 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, along with other younger family members. While it seemed like guests were only allowed to drive-by and wish Ella a happy birthday, many people were present, including what appeared to be a videographer documenting the special day.

On The Floor: Jennifer relaxed as she reclined in the grass and watched the events unfold

Jennifer kicked back and sunk into the plush grass, delighting in the spectacle before her.

Taking a break: Jennifer and Alex were seen having a breather from the festivities sitting out on the lawn in Miami

Jennifer and Alex were spotted relaxing amidst the festivities, taking a moment to themselves while sitting on the Miami lawn.

Playing ball: Jennifer was first seen with Alex's ex-wife Cynthia at Natasha Rodriguez's graduation in May last year proving there is no animosity

Having a ball: Last year in May, Jennifer was spotted with Cynthia, Alex’s former spouse, at Natasha Rodriguez’s graduation ceremony. This sighting indicates that there is no ill-feeling between them.

Family affair: (L-R) Cynthia, Alex, Natasha Rodriguez, Ella , Jennifer - Alex divorced Cynthia in 2008

A gathering with loved ones: From left to right, we have Cynthia, Alex, Natasha Rodriguez, Ella, and Jennifer. Just a little background, Alex and Cynthia went their separate ways back in 2008.

Jen and the ex: The pair were pictured hanging out together at the birthday bash on Tuesday

Harmonious: The pair appeared to be making every effort to get along for the sake of the children

Jen and her ex were seen enjoying each other’s company at a recent birthday celebration. Earlier in the month, the singer took to Instagram to urge everyone to stay home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, expressing gratitude for healthcare workers on the front lines. J-Lo and her partner Alex, who were tagged by Governor Andrew Cuomo, then challenged Jimmy Fallon to do his part and #StopTheSpread. A few days later, Jen was spotted hitting the gym with Alex in Miami, though it is uncertain if it was a private session. The family made sure to follow social distancing guidelines during the party.

Friendly: Jen and Cynthia appeared to be in good spirits at the birthday bash together

In a jovial mood, Jen and Cynthia were seen enjoying each other’s company at the birthday celebration they attended together.

Getting stuck in: Cynthia was seen serving the three-tiered cake with the birthday girl's name written across it

Cynthia was spotted dishing out the three-layered cake that had the name of the celebrant beautifully inscribed on it, showing her enthusiasm for the occasion.

Feeling the heat: J-Lo adjusts her outfit amid festivities for Ella Rodriguez's 12th birthday party

Looking good: Jen showed off her incredible physique as she walked around in an all-white ensemble

As the birthday party of Ella Rodriguez’s 12th celebration was in full swing, J-Lo was spotted adjusting her outfit to cool off in the heat.

Birthday gang: Alex, Jen, and Cynthia are seen with their children and family members for Ella's special day

Alex, Jen, and Cynthia gathered with their loved ones to celebrate Ella’s special day. However, due to social distancing measures, most guests had to settle for “drive-by” greetings, creating a procession of cars adorned with banners wishing Ella a happy birthday. One car even had a special poster on the trunk just for her. Jennifer made sure everything was in order by cruising around in a golf buggy with her kids, overseeing the three-tiered cake with Ella’s name on it, as well as the festive balloon displays and birthday banners. The weather in Miami was hot, with temperatures in the mid-80s Fahrenheit, causing Jenny From The Block Singer to remove the top of her all-white outfit.

Good one! Jen and Alex give the classic parental 'thumbs up' as their children play

Awesome! Jen and Alex approve of their kids’ playtime with the traditional parental gesture of a thumbs up.

Modern family: Jen was seen with the birthday girl Ella (right) and her own daughter Emme (left)

Jen was spotted celebrating with Ella, the lucky birthday girl, and her lovely daughter Emme. It seems like they were having a great time together, enjoying each other’s company and the festivities. What a modern and beautiful family!

Party on the lawn: Jen and Alex appeared be throwing quite the spectacle, despite social distancing guidelines

Jen and Alex hosted a lively celebration on their lawn, despite the recommended social distancing measures. The atmosphere was definitely one to behold!

Big arrival: Ella's sister Natasha is seen driving on a gold buggy with a woman helping keep the birthday cake upright

Exciting news! Ella’s sister, Natasha, has made quite the entrance by cruising in on a fancy gold buggy. She had some help from another woman who was carefully balancing a birthday cake during the ride.

Spectacle: There appeared to be a gathering among those coming to wish Ella a happy birthday

Scene: It seemed that a crowd had formed as people arrived to celebrate Ella’s special day.

Crew: Jen's twins Max and Emma are seen with Ella wearing a birthday girl sash

Jen’s adorable twins, Max and Emma, were spotted celebrating with Ella, the birthday girl, donning a cute sash. Last May, Alex, Jennifer, and Cynthia were seen together for the first time during their daughter Natasha’s middle school graduation ceremony. Alex, in an Instagram post, expressed his disbelief that his beautiful angel was entering high school and congratulated Tashi on her achievement. This display of camaraderie was surprising considering the previous year’s rumors that Cynthia was unhappy with Alex’s attempts to reduce his child support and alimony payments. The ongoing feud between Alex and his ex-wife had resulted in a spousal support dispute since 2018, a decade after their tumultuous divorce.

Fun all round: Emme was seen kicking a ball about outside during the celebrations

There was excitement all around as Emme was spotted playing with a ball outside during the festivities.

Birthday drive-by! To ensure they were not having a 'mass gathering' for the party, guests were encouraged to drive by to wish Ella a happy birthday

Let’s have a birthday drive-by celebration! To keep things safe andaoid a large gathering, we invited our guests to drive by and share their birthday wishes with Ella.

Well-wishes: Friends of the birthday girl made their wishes known by holding up banners

Are you SURE you're social distancing? A group of people are seen leaving gifts near a lap top that has been set up in relation to the birthday party

Birthday greetings were conveyed by the birthday girl’s friends, who displayed banners with heartfelt messages.

Grouped together: Alex Rodriguez is seen standing in a group by a pile of gifts and a lap top set-up that looks like it could be used for a DJ set

In a gathering, Alex Rodriguez can be spotted standing beside a heap of presents and a laptop arrangement that seems suitable for a disc jockey performance.

Party time: An array of balloons were seen tied to a gate as guests drove by to say happy birthday

It was time to celebrate: colorful balloons were strung up on the gate, greeting guests as they arrived to wish a happy birthday.

Lining up: Friends of the birthday girl were seen poking their heads through sunroofs to shout happy birthday

As the birthday girl’s entourage made their way down the street, her friends couldn’t help but stick their heads out of the sunroofs to cheer and wish her a happy birthday.

Coming together: It appears Jen and Cynthia have a friendly relationship as they walked alongside each other at the bash

Getting together: Jen and Cynthia seemed to be on good terms as they strolled together during the party.

Cute: Jen's daughter Emme also looked to be enjoying time with birthday girl Ella

Adorable: Ella, the birthday girl, seemed to be having a great time with Jen’s daughter Emme as well.

Back in 2018, news circulated that the ex-Yankees athlete had asked to reduce his child support payments due to the absence of his annual income of $30 million. In an attempt to settle for a lower amount, Alex proposed an offer of $20,000 per month for the benefit of his daughters. However, Cynthia, his former partner, requested a higher sum of approximately $50,000 a month to cover their school fees and other expenses which ranged between $7,000 to $12,000 per month.

Keeping a distance? Alex and Jen have been urging fans to stay home during the current pandemic

Encouraging social distancing? Alex and Jen have been advocating for fans to remain at home amid the ongoing pandemic. It seems that Jen is still keeping up with her fitness routine though, as she was recently spotted at an exclusive gym in Miami.

Reuniting: Alex, fiancée Jen and his ex-wife Cynthia all gathered to celebrate his and Scurtis¿ 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, graduating from middle school last May alongside Jen's twins, Max and Emme.

Coming together: Alex, his fiancée Jen, and his former spouse Cynthia converged for a joyous occasion – the graduation of their 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, from middle school in May. Jen’s twins, Max and Emme, also graduatedaongside Natasha.

Back then, Cynthia made a rare appearance in the public eye by giving an interview to the New York Post. She shared that there seemed to have been a change, but she couldn’t pinpoint what caused it. Cynthia also mentioned that Alex had been dating some amazing women after their divorce, and many of them had great relationships with their children. The two of them had been successful in creating a stable environment for their daughters, and there never seemed to be any problems. However, looking at recent pictures, it seems that Alex and Cynthia may have found a way to reach a mutual agreement.

Taking it in her stride: J-Lo appears to be finding ways to enjoy herself despite being on lockdown

Despite being in lockdown, J-Lo seems to be taking things in stride and finding ways to enjoy herself.

Mulling things over: The engaged couple are yet to announce a date for their wedding

Still uncertain: The couple who are set to tie the knot have not yet disclosed when they plan to hold their wedding.

Sporty: The singer was dressed the part to indulge in some light activity

Athletic: The performer donned appropriate attire for engaging in low-intensity physical exercise.

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