Creative Ways to Cultivate a Lavish Garden Bursting with Purple Blooms

Inspiring planter gardening ideas with purple flowers

If you have a group of potted plants and want to know if they go well together, think of them as a sculpture. Consider if the design would still work if they were all attached or if it would look awkward. While each plant may vary, they should collectively form a cohesive arrangement. To ensure your planters look good and serve a purpose, use them along walkways or stairs. Frame stairs with planters on both sides or accentuate flat paths with planters to create borders. Parallel rows of potted plants can make a scenic walkway and can contain different types of flowers. Maintain a pattern to ensure a smooth flow. Stairs provide stability and allow for more diversity in plant selection. Don’t feel restricted to using the same type of houseplant throughout. Diversity adds uniqueness to your landscape design. Mix and match plants and plantings while maintaining an underlying theme. For example, scatter white roses throughout the garden to break up the other plants. A common floral pattern adds refreshment and allows the eye to appreciate the individual differences. When choosing planters, make sure they complement the plants. Vary colors and sizes, but ensure they work well together. The right pot enhances the natural beauty of the flower. Consider the surrounding colors in your garden or nearby structures as a basis for choosing planters. This will help create a cohesive landscape design. Incorporating plants of different heights adds visual interest. Avoid a monotonous look by displaying plants at different levels. While oversized planters can make a statement, be mindful not to solely opt for small ones. Find a balance between small and large planters to achieve an overall appealing landscape design.

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