Ayesha Curry Embraces Golf as a New Passion, Strengthening Connection with Husband Stephen: ‘I Can’t Get Enough’

Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Relationship Timeline

Ayesha Curry revealed one of her favorite activities to do with her partner on a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show. Instead of the usual extravagant date nights or fancy outings, Ayesha shared that she and her husband Stephen Curry have been bonding over a game of golf. According to the TV personality, playing golf together has become a cherished pastime no matter where they may find themselves in the world. It’s a simple yet enjoyable activity that allows them to spend quality time together and create lasting memories.

Ayesha Curry Celebrates 10 Years of Marriage with Stephen Curry

The couple behind Sweet July Skin and the NBA All-Star have been happily married for more than ten years and have been friends since their teenage years. Together, they have three beautiful children: their 11-year-old daughter Riley, their 8-year-old daughter Ryan, and their 4-year-old son Cannon. Hudson started the conversation by mentioning that she heard Ayesha is a talented golfer.

Ayesha Curry and sports star Stephen Curry celebrate their 11th wedding  anniversary in France | Daily Mail Online

“Wait, I’m what?” Ayesha chuckled loudly, her face expressing the opposite of disbelief. “I’ll gladly accept that title. I’ll definitely keep embracing it.” “I may not be a pro golfer, but I am in the process of learning and improving my golf skills,” she clarified. “Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout one’s lifetime, and it took me quite a while to realize that. So, even if I only make a 1% improvement each time, it’s a pursuit I can always work on.”

Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Relationship Timeline

“I’m completely addicted,” confessed the mother of three, acknowledging that even her Instagram algorithms have undergone a shift, now promoting more golf-related content rather than the usual food-related posts. When it comes to her main passion, the cookbook author also delved into holiday cuisine and informed Hudson that “there are no restrictions” in selecting special meals to enjoy with loved ones. “Try something unconventional,” she suggested.

Ayesha Curry Used to Compete with Husband Stephen Curry While on Her  Fitness Journey

For instance, during Thanksgiving, Ayesha mentioned that they embraced a departure from the usual tradition by opting for “chicken and waffles” instead of the customary turkey. As for Christmas, she excitedly shared their plan to indulge in mouthwatering lasagnas as the main dish. Whether it involves engaging in golf, culinary pursuits, or simply cherishing moments as a united family, Stephen, fondly called “Steph,” has expressed profound gratitude for the countless memories he has built alongside his beloved spouse throughout their delightful 12-year marital journey.

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“To my amazing partner, I want to express how deeply I love you,” expressed the talented point guard of the Golden State Warriors, expressing his heartfelt emotions on their wedding anniversary through his Instagram post in July. “I am truly grateful for every single moment we have shared together. Whether it be the exhilarating highs or the challenging lows, life has undeniably brought us closer to one another through each experience.” In addition, he acknowledged the presence of a higher power in their lives, stating, “God’s continuous blessings upon us are evident. Since day one, you have been the source of immense joy and happiness in my life.”

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