Stephen Curry Would Jump At The Chance to Team Up with Shaquille O’Neal on the Court

Stephen Curry is known for his remarkable skills and talent in basketball, particularly in shooting from any distance on the court. He has been considered as one of the greatest point guards in the NBA, alongside Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. With four championships already under his belt, Curry is eager to add a few more before retiring from the game. Despite being 35 years old, he still performs at an exceptional level, just like LeBron James, and maintains his lethal shooting ability without any signs of decline.

Many fans often wonder how some of the biggest stars in basketball would fare if they played in different eras. Specifically, fans are curious about how current players like Curry would perform during the 90s, when the game was slower, more physical, and the 3-point shot wasn’t as prevalent. Curry himself expressed interest in playing with NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, and Hakeem Olajuwon, stating that he would particularly enjoy running pick-and-rolls with Shaq or Hakeem, which would be almost impossible to stop.

O’Neal was an exceptional athlete and considered one of the most dominant big men in basketball history. Curry recently spoke about how he envies O’Neal’s physical prowess, mentioning that he wishes he could be as physically imposing on the court. Curry expressed his desire to execute moves like “Mouse in the House,” where he can effortlessly post up and overpower defenders with his size and strength. He also mentioned that he’s seen highlights of O’Neal breaking backboards, and that it would be a thrilling experience to do so himself.

It would be quite a spectacle to witness a pick-and-roll play between Curry and Shaq, as their immense talents would make it nearly unstoppable. Nowadays, there aren’t many imposing big men in the NBA, so it would also be interesting to see how O’Neal would fare. When looking back at Curry’s time with the Warriors, it’s clear that he has played alongside some incredible players during their championship runs, including the record-breaking 73-9 team in the 2015-16 season and his partnership with Kevin Durant. The thought of Curry teaming up with any of these legends is truly awe-inspiring.

The question of who the greatest point guard of all time is has been a topic of much discussion lately, particularly with Curry’s impressive career. However, Magic Johnson has put an end to the debate, as he firmly believes that he still holds that title. He utilized statistical evidence to back up his argument and made it clear that he is not willing to entertain any other suggestions.

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