Steph Curry’s Swing for Good Scores $50k Boost and Olympic Buzz Around Charity Golf Bag!

Having just finished the livestream for Team USA’s loss to Germany, I have also uploaded an 18-minute behind-the-scenes video of Stephen Curry’s recent charitable work. This video includes the Eat.Learn.Play event that took place at Lockwood Steam Academy in Oakland, the Workday fundraiser that took place at Stanford, and the Underrated Golf Curry Cup that took place at Lake Merced in San Francisco. [Because I am writing this on a mobile browser and because the photo captioning feature on Substack is not functioning properly, I should mention that the photo used in the story was taken by Noah Graham for Getty Images.]

To bring you up to speed:

I have discovered a large quantity of extra question and answer videos, which I have made accessible to premium subscribers only, and which are located beyond the demarcation line below.

With regard to the defeat of Team USA, if you have ever watched any of the top European national teams compete, you are aware that this was completely within the realm of possibility as well. The head coach of Germany, Gordon Herbert, has now disclosed that each and every one of his players has reached a commitment for a period of three years. We do not have that with Team USA, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever have it, and the lack of profound chemistry was evident. Steve Kerr is going to be thrown under the bus by a number of individuals who frequently complain about the Golden State Warriors and point fingers at him. This is something that makes me feel horrible. On the other hand, we will discuss that at a later time. You can access our livestream by clicking on the link provided, which includes the postgame audio of Kerr and Herbert, as well as Jalen Brunson and Franz Wagner, which is timestamped.

As for Steph, for now with what I’ve seen from other elite European teams like Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, and in the interests of time, I’ll just say that Team USA will need him next summer at the Olympics. I’ve also been saying you might as well get Draymond Green if you’re getting Curry, especially to defend Nikola Jokic and if you’re getting Dray you might as well ask Klay Thompson (sorry, Bahamas!) and, heck, Kevon Looney for rebounding — we know this is unlikely just because Team USA gonna Team USA, or something like that.

But back to Wardell, as it’s mentioned in one of the interviews below, one of the stops on his Underrated Golf Tour next summer is in Europe. I’ll grossly speculate that that was done on purpose! ()

Btw Steph and Ayesha Curry have pledged a goal of raising or investing $50 million in Oakland schools by 2026. With his golf bag from the Tahoe tournament, which you can readaout here going for $50,000 last weekend, I think he’s well on track to “splash” that target. More details of the charitable goals are below as mentioned, but here’s Franco Finn the auctioneer on the call for that $50k and also don’t miss the part where Steph and Ayesha read a book to the children and answer an audience question of, “What’s your favorite color?”

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