“Steph Curry Talks Candidly About Draymond Green’s Return to the Playoffs”

The upcoming game between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings will mark the return of Draymond Green after his five-game suspension. During an interview, Steph Curry expressed his belief that this game could be a crucial turning point for the Warriors, especially considering the current state of the team.

Curry acknowledged that their current nine-game stretch has not been going well, with the team’s record standing at 8-9. However, he expressed excitement about Draymond’s return and recognized his impact not only on defense but also on communication. Despite this, Curry emphasized that Draymond’s return alone won’t solve everything and that they must continue to focus on areas of improvement as they face Sacramento, a team known for its strong offense.

While acknowledging that Green’s comeback will be a significant boost for the Warriors, Curry realizes that it won’t completely solve all their issues without addressing them directly. He believes that prioritizing fixing those problems before expecting a positive outcome from Green’s return is necessary. However, Curry remains optimistic that with Green’s comeback and a more concentrated team effort, the Warriors can turn their season around.

The upcoming match against the Kings seems like a significant chance for the Warriors to showcase their skills.

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