Scarlett Johansson Fights Back Against AI App with Legal Measures

Scarlett Johansson, renowned Hollywood actress, has recently initiated legal proceedings against an AI application that unauthorizedly featured her name and image in an online promotional campaign. The offending advertisement, lasting approximately 22 seconds, was shared on X and produced by Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook Avatar, an app specializing in generating artificial intelligence-driven images.

According to Johansson’s representatives, it has been confirmed that she is not endorsing the app mentioned in the advertisement. To address this matter, her attorney, Kevin Yorn, is handling it from a legal standpoint. The advertisement, which was observed on October 28, seems to have disappeared from the internet. Yorn emphasized that they are taking this situation seriously and will pursue appropriate legal measures to resolve it.

The small text underneath the ad states: “The images generated by Lisa AI are unrelated to the individual in the ad.” Several Lisa AI applications, developed by Convert Software, can still be found on both the App Store and Google Play. Convert Software has not acknowledged Variety’s inquiry for a comment.

There are several states in the US that have strict privacy laws in place, particularly California. In California, individuals have the right to take legal action if their name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness is used without permission for advertising or promotional purposes. While some famous individuals may choose to file a lawsuit to establish a precedent, most cases of unauthorized use of name and likeness are resolved through cease and desist demands.

In a recent case, Scarlett Johansson took legal action against an AI app that used her name and likeness without her permission. However, she is not the only actor to have experienced this issue. Just last month, Tom Hanks took to social media to warn his fans about a promotional video for a dental plan that featured an AI-generated version of himself. Hanks made it clear that he had no association with the video and wanted his followers to be aware of this unauthorized use of his name and likeness.

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