“Golden State Dominates Utah in NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals with Curry’s Stellar Performance”

Stephen Curry was instrumental in leading the Golden State Warriors to a 106-94 triumph over the Utah Jazz in their opening game of the Western Conference semi-finals. Despite having a week’s break between the play-off games, the number one seeded Warriors were quick to get into their rhythm with Curry scoring an impressive 22 points in just three quarters of the game. Draymond Green was also a force to be reckoned with on the court, scoring the first six points of the fourth quarter and finishing the game with 17 points, eight rebounds, six assists, and two blocks. This victory has certainly set the tone for the series and puts the Warriors in a favorable position heading into the upcoming games.

Stephen Curry scored 22 points as the Golden State Warriors beat the Utah Jazz 106-94

In a recent basketball game, the Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Utah Jazz with a score of 106-94. Stephen Curry was a key player in the victory, scoring 22 points for his team.

Curry was in sparkling form as the Warriors made the perfect start to the play-off semi-finals

The start of the semi-finals was quite impressive for the Warriors as Curry’s fantastic gameplay took the spotlight.

Kevin Durant of the Warriors battled with Boris Diaw of the Jazz for a rebound

As the Warriors and Jazz battled it out on the court, Kevin Durant was locked in a fierce competition with Boris Diaw for control of a rebound. The intensity of their efforts was clear for all to see.

Durant leaps for the basket having got past Utah centre Rudy Gobert during Game One

In the first game of the series, Durant managed to score 17 points despite struggling with a 7 for 17 shooting record and also contributed five rebounds and five assists against Utah’s centre, Rudy Gobert. He missed two games in the previous series against Portland due to a strained left calf but returned for a limited appearance in Game Four. Zaza Pachulia also made an impact, scoring 10 points in just 14 minutes of play. Gobert scored 13 points, eight rebounds, and two blocks for the Jazz but was given a Flagrant 1 foul on Green in the fourth quarter. The Warriors swept Portland to advance, while the Jazz had to battle through a seven-game series against the Clippers before facing Golden State.

Curry celebrates from the sidelines as a team-mate adds to the Warriors' tally in Oakland

While a fellow teammate of the Warriors scores in Oakland, Curry is visibly thrilled and celebrates with great enthusiasm from the sidelines.

Utah's Rudy Gobert leaps for a two-pointer during the first instalment of the semi-final series

In the first game of the semi-final series, Utah’s Rudy Gobert scored a two-pointer by making a jump shot.

Gobert loses possession of the ball under pressure from the Warriors star Kevin Durant 

Amidst the intense pressure from Kevin Durant of the Warriors, Gobert ended up losing possession of the ball.

JaVale McGee leaps to score after beating Boris Diaw of the Jazz to the basket

With a stunning display of athleticism, JaVale McGee soars through the air to successfully score a point against Boris Diaw from the Jazz team. With speed and finesse, he manages to get past his opponent and make it to the basket with ease.

Rudy Gobert slams as the Jazz try to keep in touch on the scoreboard against the Warriors

During the Jazz’s struggle to keep up with the Warriors, Rudy Gobert amazed everyone with a remarkable slam dunk.

Draymond Green of the Warriors tumbles into the crowd after a foul by Gobert (not pictured)

While playing, Draymond Green of the Warriors took a tumble into the crowd following a foul from Gobert (who is not depicted in the image).

Klay Thompson and Shaun Livingston shake hands on court as the Warriors ran out winners

Klay Thompson and Shaun Livingston sealed the Golden State Warriors’ win with a friendly handshake on the court.

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