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Keeping your seeds for future cultivation is a smart plan. If you decide to wait before sowing them, a good idea is to seal the seed packets in an airtight container and store it in the cool conditions of a refrigerator (but avoid the freezer). This method can prolong their viability for many years.

The period from February to April is the ideal time for the growth of certain species such as polyanthus, primrose, and auricula in the spa. While a little frost can help with the germination process, it is recommended to delay sowing on particularly challenging soils until March or April.

Planting before the end of May is the perfect time for flowers to bloom during the following spring season. However, if circumstances require it, extending the planting period until the end of July is possible as long as the seeds are kept cool and hydrated.

Choosing the right compost is extremely important. Due to the heightened sensitivity of primula plants to fertilizers, which contain large amounts of mineral salts, caution is crucial. Using an excessively strong mixture can either hinder growth completely or lead to the death of young roots. It is always advisable to select seed compost, particularly those blends that are rich in fiber and have a coarse texture. This type of environment promotes the necessary aeration needed for primula roots to thrive and flourish. Compost that is milled too finely will inevitably remove the necessary air supply.

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