“Dell and Steph: A Winning Father-Son Duo in the NBA”

Stephen Curry has long surpassed his father, Dell’s NBA career. Even before his recent triumph in Boston where he won his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP award, Stephen was already known as the greatest basketball player in his family. He has outshined his brother Seth, his brother-in-law and Warriors teammate Daimon Lee, and even his father who played a significant role in popularizing the 3-point shot in the 90s. Despite acknowledging that his son is better than him, Dell remains an inspiration to Stephen, having seen how he conducted himself professionally as a humble role-player during his 16-year tenure in the league, which helped shape Stephen’s path to becoming the player he is today.

Stephen Curry poses for pictures alongside his father, Dell, as well as the Larry O'Brien and Bill Russell trophies

In a delightful photo-op, Stephen Curry can be seen standing next to his father, Dell, grinning ear-to-ear as they proudly display the Larry O’Brien and Bill Russell trophies.

(From left) Dell Curry of the Charlotte Hornets and his son Stephen Curry sit with Mitch Richmond of the Sacramento Kings and Drazen Petrovic of the New Jersey Nets as former NBA player and then-Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson looks on from behind

As Dell Curry and his son, Stephen Curry, sat with Mitch Richmond and Drazen Petrovic from the Sacramento Kings and New Jersey Nets respectively, former Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson could be spotted in the background.

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dell Curry drives into the lane against Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird in 1988

Stephen, a native of Akron, Ohio, was born in the same hospital as LeBron James. His father, Dell Curry, played for several NBA teams but is best known for his time with the Charlotte Hornets when he won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award in the 1990s. Stephen and his brother Seth used to practice basketball with their dad at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto when Dell played for the Raptors. During his sophomore year, Stephen had to change his shooting form because his release point was too low for college games. To overcome this challenge, he and Dell spent the summer tirelessly practicing and reworking his jumper from scratch. Though it was tough at first, Stephen eventually improved his shooting technique.

Stephe Curry (center) after being drafted by the Warriors in 2009. He's pictured alongside his parents, Dell and Sonya, the latter of whom has recently filed for divorce

In the snapshot, we see Stephen Curry flanked by his mom and dad, Dell and Sonya, as he celebrates being drafted by the Warriors back in 2009. Despite this happy memory, news has surfaced that Sonya has reportedly filed for divorce from Dell.

Dell Curry #30 of the Charlotte Hornets looks to pass the ball against the Washington Bullets during an NBA basketball game circa 1989 at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland

Dell Curry is best remembered for winning the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award with the Charlotte Hornets in 1994

When Dell Curry comes to mind, his most notable accomplishment would probably be when he won the Sixth Man of the Year award in 1994 as a member of the Charlotte Hornets.

Seth Curry (right), who now plays for Brooklyn, has the highest career 3-point percentage in the family (43.9 percent) followed by Stephen (42.7 percent) and father Dell (40 percent)

Seth Curry from Brooklyn has the highest 3-point accuracy among his family members, with a percentage of 43.9%. Stephen Curry is in second place with 42.7%, and their father Dell is at the bottom of the list with 40%.

Curry is pictured after the Warriors clinched the Western Conference Finals alongside his family: Wife Ayesha and children Riley, Ryan and Canon

In this picture, we see Curry jubilantly celebrating his win in the Western Conference Finals with his family – his wife Ayesha, and their three adorable children named Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

Curry (left) poses alongside his teammate and brother-in-law, Damion Lee, and his nephew, Daxon Wardell-Xavier Lee

The picture captures Curry standing on the left, alongside his brother-in-law, Damion Lee, and his cute little nephew, Daxon Wardell-Xavier Lee.

Stephen Curry and wife Ayesha leave TD Garden with the NBA Finals MVP award in hand

Curry was seen embracing his wife, Ayesha, after winning his fourth NBA title on Thursday

After clinching his fourth NBA championship title on Thursday, Curry was captured on camera sharing a heartwarming hug with his beloved wife Ayesha.

Stephen Curry was ready for some sleep after winning his fourth NBA title and first Finals MVP

Stephen Curry, who recently won his fourth NBA championship and was named Finals MVP, has come a long way since his high school days. In fact, his father Dell initially felt that Stephen’s selflessness on the basketball court was actually holding him back. Dell believed that Stephen was too focused on making sure his teammates were involved in the game during his high school years, which may have contributed to the lack of interest from bigger basketball programs. Nevertheless, Stephen went on to attend Davidson on a scholarship offer, where he began to showcase his impressive skills. He even set an NCAA record for most 3-pointers made in a season and led the nation in scoring during his junior year. It wasn’t until Dell saw Stephen play against top players in the world that he truly recognized his son’s potential. Stephen was eventually drafted by the Warriors and quickly became known for his revolutionary 3-point shooting abilities. He has since earned numerous awards and is considered one of the greatest shooters and ball handlers in NBA history. Not to mention, he has also made quite a bit of money throughout his career.

Stephen and Dell (right) Curry embrace each other after the former's fourth NBA title

Stephen Curry’s heartwarming embrace with his father, Dell Curry, was captured after he won his fourth NBA championship. The emotional moment happened on Thursday night when Stephen tearfully hugged his father after winning Game 6. Despite scoring 34 points and being on the verge of receiving his first Finals MVP award after a 103-90 victory, Stephen took a moment to hug his father amidst the chaos of green-clad Celtics fans. As someone who grew up watching his father play from the sidelines, Stephen has shared similar happy moments with him both as a supportive son and as an NBA champion himself. However, this win felt different because of two disappointing seasons behind him. Winning the title and his first Finals MVP award solidified his status as one of the game’s most resilient champions, despite many believing that the Warriors dynasty was derailed. Although Stephen appreciated all his achievements, he simply wanted to cherish the moment with his father in his proudest moment.

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