Cultivating and Nurturing Stunningly Colored Hydrangeas at Home: A Comprehensive Guide.

How to grow and care amazing colored hydrangeas at home

Hydrangeas are much-loved deciduous hardy shrubs, some of which are climbers. Their striking flower heads come in a variety of shapes, from large balls to cones. The most popular and recognizable types are mophead and lace, with large, rounded flower heads in shades of white, blue and pink in summer and autumn.

There are compact varieties for smaller spaces or containers, double-flowered and bi-colored selections, and varieties that offer a color change as the flowers mature. There are even varieties that bloom on old and new wood, blooming twice. Some have fragrant flowers, others have beautiful autumn leaves. This means there is a hydrangea for every garden, whether you are looking for a more traditional style for a cottage garden or shrub border, or a more modern or urban look.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide on hydrangea care. Learn about the different types of hydrangeas, where and when to plant hydrangeas, and how to care for them.


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