A First Look at Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Filming ‘Murder Mystery 2’

On the set of her upcoming Netflix flick, “Murder Mystery 2,” Jennifer Aniston adds a touch of floral to her wardrobe. The actress is in Hawaii filming alongside Adam Sandler, and the duo were recently seen soaking up the sun while shooting a beach scene.

Aniston and Sandler were spotted hanging out on set, with Aniston donning a beautiful floral kimono over a white dress and Sandler opting for a relaxed look in a striped red t-shirt and shorts. Their company included a man dressed in military attire and another dressed in scuba gear. The sequel to their hit 2019 film was announced back in September, and while details about the upcoming movie remain scarce, we know that it will take place in Hawaii. The first film followed the story of a married couple on a European vacation, whose trip takes a deadly turn after they’re invited to a billionaire’s party. Despite the lack of information about the sequel, it’s worth noting that the original film was Netflix’s most streamed movie of 2019.

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