A Candid Conversation with Victor Wembanyama on His Experience with the Warriors and Steph Curry

Despite a disappointing start to the season, the Golden State Warriors still exhibit their championship caliber when they perform at their peak. They recently proved this by defeating the San Antonio Spurs, who are currently the weakest team in the Western Conference.

In a post-game interview, Victor Wembanyama, a newcomer to the Spurs team, shared his thoughts on playing against Golden State. He candidly admitted that it was a tough match, especially up against the talented backcourt duo of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

According to Wembanyama, playing against Golden State has taught them a lot. He believes that the team is unique and that Curry and Thompson are probably the best shooters in history. In order to compete against them, you have to stay focused for the entire 48 minutes because even one moment of distraction can result in a three-point shot. It’s like a battle that lasts the entire game, and if you make a mistake, an experienced team like Golden State will take advantage of it.

Whenever the Warriors are discussed by their rivals, they tend to bring up the same point. Although it’s undeniable that Curry is the best shooter in history, it’s his constant movement on the court that keeps the defense on their toes. And if Thompson is also in top form, it becomes even more challenging for opposing teams to defend against them.

When he went up against Curry and the Warriors for the very first time, Wembanyama didn’t hold back in admitting how daunting of a task it was.

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