A Candid Chat with Steph Curry on the Warriors-Kings Rivalry

Until recently, Steph Curry didn’t see the Sacramento Kings as a genuine opponent. He believes that a single playoff series shouldn’t define a team as a rival. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that each match between them is thrilling and engaging.

Following the Warriors’ triumphant win against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, Stephen Curry was questioned about their next opponent, the Sacramento Kings. The media inquired about the possibility of the Kings becoming a rival team for the Golden State Warriors, to which Curry humorously responded with a witty remark.

Curry made a joke about needing to consult with the committee that defines what a rivalry actually means. Despite the label, he enjoys the narrative of playing against this team back-and-forth over the last few years. He finds it entertaining and challenging, as they require players to perform at their best to win. While a seven-game series is helpful, the team knows what to expect when they face this opponent. The added emphasis on the In-Season Tournament outcome against this team is fitting and cool.

According to Steph Curry, it’s quite appropriate that the Golden State Warriors’ qualification for the second round of the In-Season Tournament depends on the Sacramento Kings. It appears as though the basketball gods have decided that the Warriors and Kings should become rivals, with this new twist adding another thrilling chapter to their rivalry.

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